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20th International Specialized Exhibition “Health Industry. Kazan” -

exhibition of high-quality pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, diagnostics, consulting, products and services in the health sector in the Republic of Tatarstan.



• Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan

• Kazan City Government

• Kazanskaya Yarmarka JSC


Themes of the exhibition:

- Preventive measures (diagnosis, health treatment, etc.).

- Rehabilitation

- Medical equipment

- Laboratory Medicine

- Consumables

- Sutures

- Medical clothing

- Care & Hygiene

- Medical furniture

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Disinfection

- Dentistry

- Healthy Eating



• The consolidated budget of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan was 41.13 bln. rub. in 2014.

• Tatarstan takes a leading place in the most economically and socially developed regions of the Russian Federation.

• More than 5000 professional visitors:

• Representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan

• Restricted and wide profile doctors

• Senior physicians

• Representatives of large diagnostic centers

• Representatives of medical educational institutions

• Representatives of research institutes, laboratories, medical researchers

• Representatives of the spa business

• Representatives of medical enterprises

• The heads of pharmacies

• Pharmacists

• The public

• professional business program, which provides information about the latest developments in the treatment of certain diseases, discuss topical issues, defines goals and objectives for future work.


• The World Summer Universiade was organized in Kazan in 2013. The medical support of event was highly appreciated by the international community and the FISU Medical Commission.


Kazan - a city with a developed infrastructure, has received worldwide recognition. One of the largest economic, political, scientific, educational, cultural and sports centers in Russia.


Health sector in Tatarstan:


• Republic - an active participant in a federal program of establishing health centers

• Implement modern quality management principles

• Modernization of republican clinics, hospitals and outpatient clinics

• Introduce modern information systems

• Organization of the first training project in Russia for providing high-tech medical aid engaging international experience of “Johnson & Johnson” Company - Educational Center of High Medical Technologies.

• There is the Center of Nuclear Medicine;

• Outpatient Hemodialysis Center in Kazan recognized as the best infrastructure project in the social sphere of National Award in the field of «ROSINFRA» infrastructure within Russian Federation.

• The Center of Family Planning and Reproduction - best project among companies from all over Russia in the framework of the «Investor Awards».

• Special attention is given to the availability of high-tech medical care.

• Realization of large-scale project of prophylactic medical examination of population began in 2013.

• Providing operations on the transplantation of the heart, liver, kidneys.

• Tatarstan is one of the leading regions for the implementation of cardiovascular program.


Participation costs for foreign companies

Registration fee- 390 Euro

Equipped exhibition space – 220 Euro

Unequipped exhibition space – 195 Euro

Open space – 90 Euro

VAT included



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About Kazanskaya Yarmarka Exhibition Center:

 - The Kazanskaya Yarmarka Exhibition Center is a central platform of Kazan and Tatarstan for exhibitions.

- Nowadays the exhibition center has a modern infrastructure for the organization of international events.


Activity of KazanskayaYarmarkaJSC meets the highest exhibition standards and is marked by the leading Russian and global exhibition societies. 10 exhibitions organized by KazanskayaYarmarkaJSC,are approved by the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) and 4 exhibitions are approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

The quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008 proves the quality of services provided by the company. KazanskayaYarmarka is the only exhibition center in Russia, which has the certificate of compliance with the international quality standards.

The exhibition centre is featured by 3 pavilions with total areaof  6700 square meters, the Main Pavilion – the cultural property site of the Republic of Tatarstan, and Congress Center. Total space of the exhibition venue is 12,1 hectares.


Head of the Exhibition Project

                        Albina Brodneva

Specialists:     Nadezhda Zakharova

                   Gulnaz Zeynetdinova

                   Natalya Melnikova


Tel./fax: (843) 570-51-16,  570-51-11







Kazanskaya Yarmarka JSC
Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Tatarstan
Kazan City Municipality

8, Orenburgsky Trakt
Kazan, 420059, Tatarstan, Russia
Phone/ fax: +7 (843) 570 51 28
Guzal Bikanacheva 

Head of Congress Events 
Angelica Zelenkova, Helen Valiullova
Specialists of Congress Events